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Mo Elhammady

I get to talk to a lot of friends and acquaintances about different things going on in our lives on both a personal, and professional level. We talk about different things like what we want to do, what our plans are, and how we’re going about to try to accomplish them.

The more I had these conversations, whether talking about them or myself, I started to come to the realization that all the …

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Mo Elhammady


Mo Elhammady is the founder & creator of The Business Lounge. His goal is to help solo entrepreneurs and anyone looking to escape “the rat race” by tapping into their own skills and knowledge and translating that into digital products they can make a business out of. He’s also a Data Center Analyst, working in a prominent hospital, and is passionate about personal and professional development. He owns a woodworks and contracting company and is a partner in ARIIKA, which specializes in beanbag products. He is a published writer in the Business Section of Your Voice Magazine, and wants nothing more than to share his knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.